Donegal Engineering Company Source Civil flying high

Donegal Civil Engineering Company Source Civil are embracing new digital technologies in their pursuit of engineering excellence by developing exciting new innovative processes for the construction industry.  Source Civil are at present piloting and showcasing how the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones can transform the engineering industry going forward. 

“Drone use has skyrocketed across industry and society in recent years and we want to showcase how the engineering industry can also benefit.  They are used for everything from pizza delivery, search and rescue operations to monitoring crop and animal herds and we felt we could use them also in Engineering,” commented Source Civil director Liam Kerrigan.

The Source Civil drone technology is excellent for doing pre-program surveys and obtaining quality aerial views that pinpoint geographical or physical characteristics of a region.  Source Civil have just completed rehabilitation works at the Lough Easkey Water Supply Scheme in Co. Sligo and deployed their drone technology to showcase the scope, scale and hazardous complex landscape they encountered during the project.

“Engineers often work in remote areas and over large sites that change rapidly over a short period and this certainly was the case at Lough Easkey.  Our drone technology provided a dynamic visualisation, site inspection and also flagged several potential impacts and risks that might otherwise have being overlooked,” commented Kerrigan.

The Source Civil drone technology is also a major benefit to human safety surveying places that might otherwise be difficult or even unsafe for engineers and construction staff.  Site planning and the elimination of risk are critical factors on all sites and the new Source Civil technology gives accurate overviews revolutionizing and changing the way construction projects are handled.

“We’re still in the early stages of adopting and developing our UAV technology at Source Civil but we see the benefits on every project.  Our bespoke technology is becoming an invaluable research tool, it tracks progress, helps cut costs and provides real-time updates that will certainly transform the industry and we want to be at the cutting edge of the business,” commented Kerrigan.  The Source Civil UAV technology from the Lough Easkey Water Supply Scheme in Co. Sligo can be viewed on the Source Civil website homepage.

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